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Secret Underwater Base

Sunday, November 25, 2007

If this is life.... we're already dead

Reflecting back on a year ago ... must be the weather, the light and the lack thereof. Winter slammed the door on the sun, must be the changing of day light savings time. I think it happened later this year. Don't really pay attention to that anymore, the time just changed on its own. Time has a way of doing that ... whether you pay attention or not, it changes.

The last few months flew by. Was buried deep in projects, and probably spent too much time underneath their shadows. Was thinking today about New Years. Not so much about Jan 1, but the silly resolutions that everyone saves until that day... And once they slip up on those resolutions, they have nearly a full year before they have to subject themselves to change again.

I remember writing on here that I needed to take more photos. I remember writing that I needed to blog more. I remember writing that I need to podcast more. I remember writing.... I miss writing.

Remembering back a year, and it doesn't seem like a year ago. A lot has changed, and so many of those changes have been amazing. Always learning, always pushing the limits....

But there aren't 30 hours in a day. Need to step back from pushing so hard sometimes. Need to capture the moments as they pass, because they'll pass whether you're watching or not.

So here's take 2 on those resolutions. Here's to a happy new year...


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